OK, so this working from home lark – not really possible when your home-office is in the dining room which is right next to the front door, at the front of the house. Everyone that comes through the front door wants to say hello, and then there’s the postman, and all the other distractions just outside the window. (Living on a main road doesn’t help either…).

The solution – move the home-office upstairs, to a spare bedroom at the back of the house… only garden to look at, and away from the traffic (both on the road and through the house)

Slight problem in that the only spare room is tiny – just about big enough for a 3/4 bed and a desk and some shelves. But don’t forget, this home-office is also a home-lab!

And the bedroom used to be a nursery, hence the “charming” wallpaper & curtains!

The next challenge will be installing this Timesource 3100 GPS antenna and getting the cable from high off the roof into the spare room! (The Symmetricom TimeSource 3100 is the black box right on the top of the shelves – it’s a PRS – Primary Reference Source – and when it’s locked to GPS it’s accurate to 1×10-12. This is the type of thing that you might find synchronising a Telecom Network – at the top of a hierarchy of SSUs/SASEs/BITs etc. My plan is not only to have PRC quality 10MHz & 2.048MHz clocks for testing, but the 1 PPS and/or the ToD code is going to drive a stratum 1 NTP server! World domination from my spare room. Well, not really…)