Well, things on here went kinda quiet for a while, all because I went and got one of those pesky “new job” things! Lots of travelling and working and other distracting things….

But things have settled down a bit now, and I’m lucky to be able to work some days from home…

But I’m not sure this kind of use of the dining room table is entirely appropriate! The long term plan is to clear out the spare bedroom, and have a desk (and a lab-bench!) in there.

I’m working for a company called Chronos Technology, based in the Forest of Dean, which is about 170 miles away from home. But with the aid of brodband, VPNs etc. it’s just like I’m in the office!

You can see me on the company website here! (Warning: cheesy photo)

Anyway, the Qosmio made it back to life – I managed to coax the old hard-disk into life long enough to image it on to a new one, so there was no rebuilding/re-installing required. Phew. Bet you’re all relieved about that.